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About us

Hallo and Welcome to our online puzzle shop where we have a massive selection of puzzles for young and old. 
Puzzled is owned and operated by Rudi and Petro de Bruyn who took ownership of the puzzle shop on Devonport wharf in November 2011. We have welcomed our daughter Catelyn to our family on 21st July 2013 and are now a happy (although a little bit sleep deprived) family of 3. We also recognise that she is the first Kiwi in the family and hope to join her soon...
The Puzzle Shop was originally established by Mandy and Steve Murphy during 2007 and through their love and passion for puzzles and games first set up in Victoria Park Market and then opened two shops: one in Orewa and one in Devonport Wharf. When Mandy decided to leave New Zealand to look after her mom in South Africa we decided to buy the shop as we did not want to see it go and because we shared their love for puzzles and games.
We love New Zealand from the city to country side to the seas and mountains and most all... The people.  We took up some tramping when we arrived here to explore and appreciate NZ in full. We've put our adventures on hold for a little bit to invest in our passion (puzzles and games ;-)) and to start our family.
We believe that training your brain is possibly the most enjoyable and rewarding hobby to undertake at any age.  You will find the largest selection of quality puzzles, jigsaws and board games online and in our shop in NZ. 
We try and bring you the best puzzles from all over the world and as owners we have played almost all of these puzzles that are available in the shop. We would recommend every single one of them while trying to match our customers with the right selection of puzzles for their current needs.
We are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products and to this end go to several fairs throughout the year. We also value our customer feedback and love to hear about your favourite games, your projects and puzzles.
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