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You know that feeling you get when you have solved a problem, that feeling of gratification when you have bended you mind side-ways to figure something out or that moment when you insert the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle?

Puzzled would wish to introduce you to our world of puzzles and learning possibilities through puzzles. We have created this section of webpage to help you get the most out of the website and our services.

If you are a teacher  or a purchaser for you school, please have a look at our Special accounts information at the bottom of this page.

We have an extensive knowledge of the products in the shop, because how can you own a Puzzle Shop and not enjoy these awesome products!?

We have a wide variety of products available as demo's in the shop and we will be happy to demonstrate them when you come and visit us in-store.

  • Here in the puzzle shop we love sharing our knowledge about puzzles...
  • We share puzzles but not all the solutions. That's for you to figure out ;-)
  • We have well over a 1,000 products in store and avaialble for online purchase.

We thought we might share some categories that we know will benifit you and/or your child.

 1.)     Sequencing and / or sorting (Ordering and categorising):

Sequence learning is inherent to human ability because it is an integrated part of conscious and non-conscious learning as well as activities.... Click Here to learn more

 2.)    Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking is part of a group of basic skills that's not a magical process or genetically passed on from one generation to the next, it is a learnt skill / mental process....Click Here to learn more

 3.)    Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is the knowledge of objects including oneself, in a given space. Spatial awareness involves understanding relationships between objects ... Click Here to learn more

 4.)    Hand-eye coordination & fine motor skils

Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct.... Click Here to learn more

5.)    Mathematics and number recognition

Mathematics is the abstract study of topics encompassing quantity, structure, space, change, and others; it has no generally accepted definition..... Click Here to learn more

6.)    Concentration and observation skills

Observation and concentration are dependent upon one another: The more you concentrate and observe, the more knowledge you gain.... Click Here to learn more

7.)    Image and alphabet/word recognition

Children are born artists, dancers and storytellers! They are naturally creative and enjoy all kinds of visual and audio experiences. Babies and toddlers are capable.... Click Here to learn more

8.)    Strategic Thinking and Planning skills

Strategic thinking is about finding and developing a strategic foresight, by exploring all possible futures, and challenging conventional thinking.... Click Here to learn more

9.)    Following instructions

There are quite a couple of times in my life where teachers/professors/mum/dad have commented on the following:  One of the most common errors.... Click Here to learn more

The views expressed here is through our own experience with the games in the shop. We appreciate your shared knowledge of these and other products to enable us to keep the pages relevant to our readers. You are also welcome to contact us directly if you have any queries/concerns regarding the statements/opinions in these pages.


Special accounts information:


All schools will get a 10 – 15% discount depending on products purchased and credit history with us. If this is the school's first purchase please ensure that you have an order form to send with your purchase. If the order form is not on a school letterhead I would prefer a short letter on the school letterhead confirming that the order form was approved by the school. This is just a security check and will only apply for the first purchase thereafter the order number would suffice for each purchase. Credit terms will be: 20th of the following month.


If you are a teacher purchasing resources for the classroom and or Christmas gifts and wish to use the 10% discount offered in the magazine add, please let us know your school and full name. I'll verify the information after which you have 2 choices of obtaining and using the discount:

  1. Purchase for say $100 and choose an additional $10 product to be included in the package (Therefore add a product in the special instructions box to the value of 10% of your order) Available for both credit card and internet transfer payments.
  2. Request an amended invoice from me and I will send you through the total to be paid before the package is sent (Only available for internet transfers not for credit card transactions)