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Sequencing Sorting, Ordering and Categorising

Sequence learning is inherent to human ability because it is an integrated part of conscious and non-conscious learning as well as activities. To be able to put information and / or actions in sequence is vital in our everyday lives as we use this for everyday tasks such as driving a vehicle, playing an instrument, cooking, typing etc.

Sorting on the other hand is the process of arranging items in some sequence and/or in different sets and has two distinct meanings:

  • Ordering: arranging items of the same kind, class, nature, etc. in some ordered sequence;
  • Categorizing: grouping and labelling items with similar properties together (by sorts).

It is not surprising then that there are various products on the market to help teach and / or improve these skills.


Our Selection of Sequencing puzzles:

IQ Twist
IQ Twist

Price: $20.00
Special Price:$ 20.00

Bill and Betty Bricks
Bill and Betty Bricks

Price: $42.00
Special Price:$ 42.00