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About us

Hallo and Welcome to our online puzzle shop where we have a massive selection of puzzles for young and old. 
Puzzled is owned and operated by Rudi and Petro de Bruyn who took ownership of the puzzle shop on Devonport wharf in November 2011.
We love New Zealand from the city to country side to the seas and mountains and most all... The people.  We took up some tramping when we arrived here to explore and appreciate NZ in full. We've put our adventures on hold for a little bit to invest in our passion (puzzles and games ;-)) and to start our family.
We believe that training your brain is possibly the most enjoyable and rewarding hobby to undertake at any age.  You will find the largest selection of quality puzzles, jigsaws and board games online and in our shop in NZ. 
We try and bring you the best puzzles from all over the world and as owners we have played almost all of these puzzles that are available in the shop. We would recommend every single one of them while trying to match our customers with the right selection of puzzles for their current needs.
We are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products and to this end go to several fairs throughout the year. We also value our customer feedback and love to hear about your favourite games, your projects and puzzles.
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  • Puzzled = the best puzzles with the best service ever! (Junet - Wellington)
  • Awesome stall at Armageddon very helpful and friendly staff. (Angela - Hamilton)
  • I enjoyed using your website. A fantastic and tempting selection of games and puzzles to choose from. Great source of gifts for all ages and of course for myself too. Delivery was prompt and hassle free. I thoroughly recommend this 'puzzling' website to anyone. (Rosemay)
  • I have to recommend for helping me organise a Christmas present that I ordered at the very last minute! Your help was excellent and the present reached its recipient on time. As an overseas customer I really appreciated the extra help and effort you gave to me. Thank you so much! (Rebecca - Israel)
  • This is an amazing shop. I love the friendly welcome as you come through the door and the personal service. It is my first port of call for both birthdays and Christmas presents. Petro is always happy to see me and takes the time to help me find that special something for whomever I am buying for. I enjoy the personal touch of going into the shop but also like to check out the website to get an idea of the range in store. I now even have a dedicated puzzle and game cupboard at home. Petro has made puzzles a fun part of our daily lives and I love looking back on all the memories of the family and friends we have shared these with. This is absolutely the best puzzle shop around. (Roger & Su - Auckland)
  • Puzzled is my favourite games shop.  My kids and I love games and puzzles and Puzzled has an excellent range at fantastic prices.  They have plenty of sample games and puzzles to try out, and the owners are game fanatics who can talk at length about the pros and cons of various games and puzzles.

         My 5 year old has a learning disability and Petro was able to suggest an excellent solo puzzle that has helped develop his visual-spacial and logical skills.  My daughter loves the logical solo puzzles too and new ones make regular appearances in their Christmas stockings.

         The games aren't just for children though, as there are plenty of complex games for adults too, and they are always happy to help source requested items.  I definitely recommend Puzzled as your one-stop shop for family entertainment. (Phil - Katikati)

  • Each year the Devonport Primary School PTA purchase educational Christmas gifts for our classrooms.   The Puzzle Shop always offer fantastic advice on activities that are age appropriate to support fun, educational learning for each of the year levels.  (Devonport Primary School Auckland)